Will you buy a tabloop with a few thousand tomans?

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Will you buy a tabloop with a few thousand tomans?
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    Weaving is a complicated and weird art.

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Knitted posters

Weaving is a complicated and weird art. Knitting the delicate strands of the wool in the carpet so that after the end of the work you can recognize the poster's face, or the carpet, it's something like charm and miracles. Skills and extraordinary accuracy, and patience is one of the most important features that Tablvfrshbaf's artist is equipped with.
A charming gift
The name of the tablover is the nature of its name; it is made of a carpet. In other words, rugs that are woven in smaller sizes, their artistic and aesthetic aspects are more prominent than their other dimensions, and they are hanging from the wall as an ornamental product, called tabloofars.
Original tabloids are handmade. But today its machine specs have taken the market. Handmade tabloids are an example of the rich Iranian art and have long been featured in luxurious and luxurious items. Because they find a value-added carpet and easily become cash. Their average price is lower than the carpet. Hence, they can be a good option for giving away. So if you're thinking of providing unique, valuable and lasting gifts for your loved ones, do not hesitate to come up with different plans for tabloids.
Everything is a model
All types of models can not be given any special rules for artistic subjects, but miniature, religious, fruit, nature, antiquities and wildlife designs are one of the most important pieces of tablecloth weaving, and most of the woven tabloids are in these frameworks. The tabloids do not have a specific size and can be woven according to the individual weaver's desire. But the sizes are 40x60x70 cm, 50x70cm, 90x60cm, 100x70x180cm and 80x100cm are the most common dimensions of the texture of this valuable art.
Will you buy a tabloop with a few thousand tomans?
The cost of each tabloof is proportional to the type of yarn used, the type of map, the size and density of it is different. Also, the higher the number of intermediaries that bring the tablature from the weaver to the applicants, the higher the price. The name of the weaver plays an important role in determining the price. The work of some weavers is less than 5 m. Square meters. With an average of $ 500,000 above you can own a beautiful tablofresh. Silk tabloids also cost over a million dollars.
How to take care of your tabloop?
Tablatures like babies need special care. They should not be hung straight on the walls of chalk or limestone. Also, you should not nail on them. Because the carpet's hole is pierced and if the nail is rust, the stain will remain on it forever. The tabloids are woven to make their beauty while they are on the wall. So keep them pipe and do not go. If you are worried about your fingernail, you can use naphthalene powder or pill. Also, do not expose them to extreme humidity - like the direct route of the water coolers. This will make it easier to get decay
Fake or unscrupulous?
Tablatures should not be hung from the wall without frames. The frame fits better from the tablature, giving it a sort of identity and credibility. Simple, modern and unique frame types are not the right option for this. The wider the frame of the tabloophorus is full of roles and patter and tighter, the tabloophorn glory becomes more visible. Frames popularly known as "royal" are very suitable for this work. Note Never should the glass be frosted

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