3 stages of machine carpet production

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3 stages of machine carpet production
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    The production of carpet consists of three main stages of spinning, knitting and carpet finishing

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Machine Carpet Factory
The production of carpet consists of three main stages of spinning, knitting and carpet finishing.
In order to produce machine carpet, the fibers are first introduced to the factory, after dyeing and with a variety of different colors, the yarn's threading unit is converted to different yarns with different grades, then transferred to the knitting unit and the fabrication process A carpet is made. At the end, after shaving and packing and packing in the carpet finishing unit, it is sent to the destination countries for sale. In the following, along with the pictures of the carpet factory in Mashhad, you will see how to create a carpet from the beginning to the end.
In this unit, the yarn is required for carpet weaving.
Machine carpets are made of three types of yarns: cotton yarn, polyester, yarn and yarn and yarn or rope yarn made of acrylic or polypropylene or polyester, and in some cases viscose. In a 12-meter rug, "about 82% of this thread is twisted 12% cotton yarn and 6% cotton yarn."
Machine carpets are woven by various machines, such as Tecsima, Vandal, CRX, ASR, VTR and HCP.
In the production of carpet we use two workbenches called "carpets and sub-tissues", two common carpet webs are cut and segregated by a cutting blade moving along the texture.

Complete the carpet

After the texture, the carpets are transferred to the car carpet completion hall and there they pass the following steps, respectively:

The blade
Squirting behind the carpet
Shirin (Carpet Surface Finishing)
Cutting of the longitudinal and transverse carpet
Embroidery, zigzag and rooting
Quality Control
Roll and packaging

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