The need for carpet fitting with decoration

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The need for carpet fitting with decoration
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    Iranian carpets are diverse in terms of design

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Iranian carpets are diverse in terms of design, role, color and ... Iranians are ready to put on carpets in a variety of sizes and sizes in design and carpet texture tailored to the needs of the people. Manufacturers of carpets with different colors provide each carpet with different colors. Of course, the use of these colors in each region derives from the culture and beliefs and history of that region


Diversity in the production of carpets in Iran, in a way that can be appropriate for all tastes. If you use plain floorboards with simple designs, it is worth mentioning that it is advisable to use carpets with well-designed designs. Lecka carpets, bergamot for very large spaces are suitable. Small spaces require bright color combinations. Even for areas with a limitation of light, these carpets are also recommended


When choosing a carpet, we must pay attention to the color of the curtain, the wall, the furniture and even the color of the wooden supplies. The harmony between these colors makes it a beautiful place. For places where it's gone, it's much better to use wool-covered carpets and natural colors.


If you are looking for a suitable carpet for your dining table, note that your carpet is about 60 to 70 centimeters higher than your dining table. Put the bases on the carpet completely


To cover the front of your sofa, do not use a pair of similar carpets at all. It is better to use single carpets


To carpet your bedroom, instead of using a carpet, use rugs and tents with different nuggets.


If traveling in your home is high, it is best to use light-colored carpets to make the house bustle smaller.

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