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    What does Heath mean in terms of machine carpet?

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What does Heath mean in terms of machine carpet?


If you have recently been buying car carpets; perhaps the term "heatset" may be familiar to you, or if you have at least been eaten. Maybe you would like to know what the term is related to which part of the carpet is and is it important at all? Does this feature give special benefits to car carpets or not?


The Heath Set or, more specifically, the "Heated Set" is a feature of the threads used for the production and texture of a carpet that is fixed in the inner texture of the thread, fixed by steam and heat. This will increase the overall quality of the yarn and, consequently, the quality of woven textiles. But the benefits of this method


The carpet is woven with a threaded hemp, after washing it will not be discolored or it will be very minimal to be discolored after several times.


The woven hexagonal carpet has a better stability in terms of heat and light


In this way, the warp is more stable and durable, and the woven carpet will last a long time


The threaded threads show better resistance to the effects of air and dust pollution


Hysteresis strengthens the structure of the yarn and therefore renders itself less rupture in different tissue processes, which makes the carpet of a higher quality.


The threading of woven cotton yarn is extremely low, which makes the carpet's perpetual beauty, as well as the absence of allergies or allergies for susceptible people.


If we consider the yarn density and density in different carpets of the same type, the carpet woven with yarn is the same in the same conditions as bulkier and more full


The woven hexagon carpet has very distinct clues, the so-called dipping needle or pomegranate seed, which adds to the beauty of the carpet.


Hysteroid threads will make the woolen carpet feel softer and sleep better


The role and design of the carpet in a carpet weaved with a yarn-heatset looks more and more visible to the viewer.

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