Is density more important or shoulder?

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     Is density more important or shoulder?
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    The answer is that both are important in their place

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The answer is that both are important in their place. For example, some 700+ shoulder carpets of 2100 are more like a 500-shoulder carpet, up to seven hundred shoulders. And they are sold on the market with the name of the 700th. The density is, in fact, important for the shoulder, and is essentially the shoulder to the number of knots in a horizontal horizontal carpet, and the density is also the number of knots of a vertical meter of the carpet. For more information on the shoulder and the density of the car carpet, you can use the definition of shoulder and density in car carpet.

The number of common carpet shoulder pads on the market is as follows






And the current density is as follows






The price of a car carpet depends more on the shoulder or the density?

As is highlighted above, just as the number of shoulder carpets is important, carpet density is also important, and it's affecting the price of the car carpet. So when buying car carpets, just as you care about the number of shoulder carpets, you should consider the carpet density too.

In the end, you can visit the carpets of 700 Afshin carpets

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