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Keep the car carpet
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    Machine carpet, like any other means, has its own method of use and maintenance.

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Machine carpet, like any other means, has its own method of use and maintenance. Consider the following points to increase the life of your carpet and make the best use of it.
Sweeping the car carpet

Do not use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the carpet. This type of sweeping brushes the surface of the carpet and, in addition, directs a portion of the dirt to the carpet pile. The best way to clean dust from a vacuum cleaner car carpet.
The use of a vacuum cleaner in different directions on the carpet causes the irregular carpet to become irregular and the carpet looks uneven. To prevent this from happening, find the direction of the carpet flyer and move the sweeper just in the same direction
Washing Machine Rug

Use a reputable and licensed company to rinse the car. Unprocessed washing and the use of acidic or alkaline detergents will damage the carpet. After rattling the carpet by carpet or after wetting the carpet for any reason, make sure that the carpet's moisture is completely removed because the moisture in the carpet regularly causes the decay of its fibers.

Carpet transport
The method is suitable for carrying car carpet, pipe or roll. Ripping the carpet can damage the carpet and may even rupture the carpet if pressure rises. If you have to rinse the carpet, try to open the carpet as soon as possible and tighten it firmly before flatting it and spread it out after a while.
Moving the carpet is best done by a suitable car. In the absence of a suitable car, such as a pick-up truck or a truck, the carpet can be fitted to the car roof. The carpet is not recommended under any circumstances. If necessary, open the carpet as soon as it reaches the destination and pipe it.
Warehouse and carpet maintenance

The best way to hold the carpet is to pipe it and put it in nylon. So try to keep it nicely healthy when shopping for future use during transportation or storage. The car carpet should not be kept in a wet place or in direct sunlight.
Carpet location at home

Do not put your carpet in the spot where the sun's direct sunlight shines. This will in the long run reduce the quality and damage of the colors of the carpet. The vulnerability of some fibers is more than sunlight

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