Choosing a carpet

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Choosing a carpet
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    Experts believe that the best carpet in the world is Persian carpet

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Experts believe that the best carpet in the world is Persian carpet. So that the designs of the Persian carpet are drawn to the whole world for the texture of a carpet. Most of the Persian carpets were made of wool, but researchers have been able to discover a few old carpets from Kashan carpet that have been made of silk.

It is best to consider these tips to buy a carpet:

The thread of carpet weave is usually made of polypropylene, nylon and acrylic, so it is easy to get on ceramics and stone. And to stop it, you can stick underneath it

Used in carpet weaving, we use synthetic fibers

Machine carpets are cheaper than carpet carpets

The higher the density of your carpet, the more the number of knots in it, the more your carpet will be stronger, and the less dust will accumulate in the warp.

Use carpeted carpets with the right dimensions to make it easier to wash

For low-lighted southern homes, you should use bright-colored rugs and silent designs to give you more light reflection and a better environment.

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