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    Some features of a good carpet should be considered when buying carpets from the carpet market or Kashan carpet store

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Some features of a good carpet should be considered when buying carpets from the carpet market or Kashan carpet store. The features of a good and suitable carpet for you depend on the location you want to use. If the carpet is a flooring for the home, then the carpet must have the characteristics appropriate to the taste of the home. Now there can be classic car carpet (500 shoulder carpets, 700 shoulder carpets, 1000 shoulder carpets, 1200 shoulder carpets) or modern carpets (carpets, carpets, carpets)


What is a good carpet?

Carpet design: It's important how your lifestyle is. If you're having a baby or keeping pets, it's best to use dark-colored, dark-colored carpets like a 1000-shouldered shoulder rug. Even the baby's room can be rinsed with a child's carpet. Also, if you are a low-population family, you can use a lightweight, light-colored carpet like a 700-shoulder hand-made fairy carpet.


Rug Color: The place you are looking for may be outside the home. For example, front or side of the yard, in which case the color of your carpet is darker because the pollution in these places is higher and dirt of the carpet will not be visible. Therefore, in these places, the darker and more rugged carpet is more used. However, most canyons have this feature


Rug dimensions: Rugs are woven and manufactured in various sizes and go to the carpet or carpet store. The carpet is produced in the following sizes and sold in a carpet store. Sizes are approximate


130 x 200 cm (rug)

300 x 400 cm (car carpet)

200 x 300 cm (modern carpet)

100 x 150 cm (carpet)


Carpet weight: The weight of the carpet produced depends on the type of yarn and fibers, shoulder, density, and carpet type. For example


Acrylic yarn | 700 Shoulder Rug | Density 2550

6kg weight 24kg / 9kg weight 35kg / carpet weight 12kg 48kg

Acrylic yarn | 1000 Shoulder Rug | 3000 pixels

Carpet weighing 6 meters 22 kg / 9-meter carpet weight 32 kg / 12kg carpet weight 45kg

Carpet density: The density of the carpet is the same as the length of the carpet. The number of nodes or roots in a long meter of carpet is called longitudinal density. For example, a 700-shoulder carpet with a density of 2550 or a density of 3000


The shoulder of the carpet: The shoulder of the carpet is the same transverse density. The number of colored roots or knots in a meter is the width of the carpet on the shoulder of the carpet, for example, a 500 shoulder carpet or 1000 shoulder carpet


Carpet Types: Carpets in terms of size, design, color, and ... are divided into several types. Such as carpets, carpets, modern carpets, classic car carpets, carpet carpets, carpets, and


Carpet: A carpet can be woven and produced with all kinds of threads. It is very important to determine which yarn and fabric are more quality and durable. Types of carpet yarns include: Acrylic Yarn, BCF Polyester Yarn, Wool, Cotton, Hemp, ... Carpet 100% Acrylic is the most quality carpet in the car.


Carpet strength: It depends on where we want the carpet to be spread. Is this rug suitable for crowded and crowded places? If the carpet is to be used in high-rise areas, it's clear that the carpet will have a lot of warmth. Naturally, the carpet we are looking for should be a high resistance to traffic. As a result, the carpet is not suitable for these types of modern carpets (such as freezers, carpets, and pink carpets) and is the best choice for a classic car carpet (such as a 500 shoulder carpet or 700 shoulder carpet

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