Which is the right carpet?

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Which is the right carpet?
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    Carpet is one of the most important tools in house decoration and decoration

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Carpet is one of the most important tools in house decoration and decoration. Which should be tailor-made to accommodate the home space, in addition to enhancing the beauty of the home, also enhances the comfort of family members. But there's a lot to be noted about using the carpet

Carpets and rugs are a good tool for determining the boundaries of the living space. If you have Halli in your house that you need to divide into dining and living areas, you can use different carpets or rugs. This will help you to provide a special attraction to your home in addition to the space you have in your possession. Just be careful when choosing rugs to take care of the harmony and alignment of the colors and designs of rugs or carpets.

Choosing the right design and color for creating spaces and borders is important. As you should not use rugs and rugs similar to each other, placing 2 completely different rugs, one with a modern design and the other with traditional design, is an inappropriate and inappropriate choice.

Carpet carpet

For all the rugs and rugs that you use in your home, you need to consider a suitable and durable margin. In addition to being fit and beautiful, this margin must have the quality necessary to prevent it from slipping and moving it on the ceramic. The purpose is to use the carpet or plastic fastener that is seen today in many carpet stores. The use of carpet in comparison with plastic clips in winter is a priority. Because, in addition to keeping the room warmer and warming up the rooms, it is also safer for families with a child's children as well.

The carpet must be compatible with the furniture

One of the most important features of carpet or rug as one of the most important parts of decoration of houses and rooms is the suitability of design and color with furniture, curtains and walls of the house.

For example, if your curtains and furniture have a special design and a so-called busy design, you should use a simple design with limited colors. Otherwise, you will be faced with a crowded house filled with different designs that not only do not have a special beauty, but also make the members of the house uncomfortable and chaotic.

So be sure to match the design and color of the carpet with the other things you have at your house.

How do you use it?

If you go to a rug store, you will see carpets and rugs in different designs, sizes and sizes. Most carpets are rectangular and some are circular, oval, and square. Some are simple and one-sided designs, some of which are produced by various designs and crowded on carpet exhibitions.

Along with the design and colors of the carpets and rugs we talked about, the appearance of the carpet; its square or circular, oval or rectangular, is also impressive in the appearance of the house and the rooms. Sometimes a circular carpet can give a nice look to the living room while the carpet is not suitable for the dining room.

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