Miniature history

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Miniature history
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    Some words have gone a long way to reaching their new meaning in English

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Some words have gone a long way to reaching their new meaning in English. These words took their way in another language with a different meaning and eventually became permanent in another. For example, consider "miniature". Its "Latin" is not as color-related as it is

In the era before the invention of the printing machine, everything was handwritten. The individual drew a colored substance on the surface and placed it on it. Most people used black pigmentation, but sometimes it was also used for red, especially for titles, coarse fortunes, and decorative designs. The Latin name was "Mini" (1), which was made from sandalwood or stench. The current "minaret" (2) was in conjunction with the minium, which meant "coloring with the minium"

🔻 In Italian, the initiation of the miniature relationship with the design was very close. This unbreakable connection expanded the meaning of the minaret, which eventually meant the "decoration of the manuscript." Based on the research by Tareh magazine, based on the Webster culture, the nouns derived from this verb "Miniaturora" (3) were referred to as the art of illumination. The art of illumination was a manifestation of the manuscript, regardless of what color it was used. Illuminations of manuscripts were also called painting or illustration. These illuminations were comparable to other types of small painting. As a result, the Miniature was also used for any other small-scale photography or painting. Finally, the miniature was referred to as very small. In the sixteenth century, English borrowed the term "miniature"

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